Welcome to Newsquest Specialist Media.

Our Objectives:


Tim’s (our MD) motto is ‘failure is not to have tried’.  It is this approach that has seen NSM launch and acquire new brands at the rate of one per year over the past five years...


There’s a great anecdote about President Kennedy which resonates with NSM… on a visit to NASA President Kennedy took a detour from the choreographed factory tour to speak with an employee...


Newsquest Specialist Media has a simple mission: to be leaders in our chosen market sectors. Our talented employees have built an enviable brand position as respected experts and business partners. ...


Working With NQSM

“The thing I love about Newsquest Specialist Media is that new ideas are very much encouraged, and the people who come up with them are given the freedom to realise their ideas. This happens all the way up to major brand launches, and it’s very refreshing.”

“The message comes straight from Tim Whitehouse, the MD: give it a shot, you won’t be criticised for failing and we’ll probably learn a lot by experimenting.”

“It’s the way that everyone pulls together that makes this a great place to work. It’s collaborative and very focused, I learn something new most days.”